Adam was like my little brother. There was no relation but he felt like family. We had an apartment together and for better or worse we made it work…and it did most of the time. This story starts where it ends… with me waking up on the hard wooden hallway floor next to the front door. The light draft under the door that had plagued the apartment had become a gail. Yes I know… I was exaggerating but when you wake up and your just over an inch tall you see how it feels.

This day was repeating and for some reason I was the only one who knew. The moment I woke up I needed to roll out the way and run or splat. I’d be crushed like a bug under Adam’s shoe as he came in calling my name holding bags of groceries. It took six loops before I’d wake up and quickly roll out of the way… only to be crushed another way. Each time waking up in the same position looking up from the cold wooden floor.

I was on loop twenty when I started to notice little things that were different. At first the changes were small but it felt like they changed radically every 100 loops or so.

I know you’re only here to find out how I met my fate at the end of each loop so I’ll give you a run down on some of the less boring ones.

The first 6 loops went pretty quickly. I was quickly snuffed out becoming just another thing stuck to the sole of Adam’s Jordans. I could have thought of worse ways to go. The seventh time I rolled to the right only to have him step back and crush me as he closed the door.

By the thirteenth time there was a whole gym routine that I had perfected just so I wouldn’t get crushed as he walked in the door. All these times he’d crushed me he hadn’t noticed even once.

The nineteenth time was the first time I managed to make it from start to finish alive. The annoying thing about this whole situation was there would be three days before I’d be right back where I started.