What is the most humiliating thing you’ve ever done?

When I was in my early 20s I was a farm hand. I wasn’t built for the work but I managed it. The word faggot was used quite a bit until I earned a reputation for my hard work but the others still looked down at me. Most of the lads were the rough type coming from farming families so the fact I was different wasn’t something they could accept. I wasn’t an equal just something they could abuse and laugh at.

One afternoon I’d just finished backfilling a storm drain down the back of the residential property when I noticed the lads were sitting around having a beer. What I wouldn’t have given for a cold one right now but I still had work to do. It didn’t go unnoticed that I’d been eyeballing them so the group came over to inspect the work I was finishing.

The ringleader of the lads looked me over and kicked some stones into the drain. He helped his mate open the large metal grill so I could hop in… so I grabbed a small brush and shovel and jumped in. The dimensions were such I could sit down comfortably to brush the loose that had been kicked in. Before I could get up the metal grill came down and was locked with a padlock.

“The lads are having some locals over and don’t need a faggot hanging around” said one of the lads. None of the others said anything but just looked at me from above and then quietly walked away. The group alpha remained behind standing on the grill and looking down through at me. Dirt fell from the soles of his work boots as he walked around above me.

“Just keep quiet and if you’re lucky we’ll let you out in the morning” he said delibrity kicking the mud off his boots knowing it was falling on top of me.

As the sun went down I was plunged into darkness the distant glow of fairy lights nailed to a fence was the only light had.

“Mate, put that sign over by the drain… don’t want you boys pissing inside you’ll overflow the septic tank again.” called one of the lads from across the back yard. There was a faint outline of someone standing above me on the grate as dirt dropped down around me.

“Hey faggot, you’re not going to like what’s written on this sign” said a gruff voice above me, “This drain has been officially designated the pissing pot. Sucks to be you”